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Thankful for Our IoT Partners

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The winter holiday season brings an expression of gratitude and reflection over the past year. Today, we celebrate the American Thanksgiving, as well our customers and partners. KORE is thankful to our ecosystem of partners that help us grow who we are and provide us with the ability to enable our customers.

From resilient cellular and satellite connectivity to the hardware, smart technology, and securing network, KORE helps our customers resolve business challenges with our IoT solutions and services. Many of these challenges provide results that we like to call, IoT for Good.

Healthcare Management

Swoop Aero, a logistics company powered by drone networks, was in search of a solution that provided limited access areas the global connectivity needed to transport supplies. KORE was able to deliver multi-modal international connectivity solutions, including eSIM, to Swoop Aero to keep the drones in flight no matter where in the world or how remote the destination.
Through this partnership, Swoop Aero was successfully able to manage critical medical assets with secure drone technology. Swoop Aero now has the peace of mind that their services can continue to serve their life-long company mission.

Resilient Connectivity

Car Charged UK is a leader in electric charging stations with over 65,000 access points across the Europe, Middle East, and the African regions. Their mission is to provide reliable cellular connectivity to all charging ports. KORE equipped Car Charged UK with secure hardware to provide resilient 2G, 3G, and 4G networks across the region.

Charging management and automotive mobility has been made easy for Car Charged UK. The company continues to provide clients with excellent customer service, simplified with SMS messaging powered by KORE.

Through this partnership, KORE and Car Charged UK have seamlessly supplied a widespread adoption of electric vehicles, or EVs, which we can expect to see a large maturation over the next decade. IoT continues to advance technology each and every day.

An Ecosystem of Partnership

Our clients make KORE’s mission of deploy, manage, and scaling IoT solutions possible. We are thankful for all our customers and the work they perform. We are proud to be able to enable their solutions and help solve their complex business challenges with our IoT services and solutions.

To learn more about IoT connectivity and other use cases for “IoT for Good”, download our infographic, “5 Innovative Use Cases for Remote Patient Monitoring.”

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