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Wrapping Up MWC Barcelona: eSIM, MODGo, and IoT SAFE

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023 brought together roughly 88,500 attendees with more than 2,400 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners, and saw more than 10,000 speakers and thought leaders. As an attendee, KORE was thrilled to talk about top technology and trends, including eSIM, IoT lifecycle management, and IoT SAFE.

Sharing Market Insights on eSIM

Embedded SIM technology (eSIM) removes these barriers so companies can run their IoT programs with more flexibility and efficiency. It also makes it easier for more companies to enter the IoT ecosystem. eSIM achieves this by enabling global coverage right out of the box and providing remote over-the-air (OTA) provisioning techniques to activate connectivity or reconfigure services. This flexibility avoids the cost and complexity of managing multiple carriers and multiple SIMs on a global scale and eliminates the hard swap requirements.

Built with Multi-IMSI and eUICC technology, the KORE OmniSIM simplifies the complexity of achieving network access for truly resilient global coverage, navigating evolving network technologies, and managing complex logistics processes for your IoT deployments with a single eSIM.

KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl presented during the eSIM Summit at Mobile World Congress Barcelona and spoke on how the true focus of eSIM lies in its local profiles, the power it provides the customer, and zero-touch provisioning. Watch an on-demand recording of his presentation here.

Continuing a focus on eSIM, KORE SVP, EAP Marco Bijvelds delves further into the value of eSIM in this video.

Officially Launching MODGo: IoT Device Deployment and Logistics Management Platform

For organizations looking for the ability to simplify, automate, and streamline IoT deployments. MODGo provides an integrated view into connectivity, orders, inventory and device management - allowing you to deploy, manage, and scale faster. MODGo offers several key benefits for managing the IoT lifecycle:

See the order status and history of your deployments: IoT projects can have a lifecycle which involves multiple deployments. With MODGo, see the entire history of a particular device across customers and dates. Easily track orders, shipments and returns. Set automatic alerts based on the deployment duration, data consumption or device usage unique to your business or your customer’s requirements.

Take the guesswork out of your purchasing and planning: Eliminate human error and replace manual spreadsheets to identify patterns before they affect your bottom line. Receive notifications from MODGo to take action based on the business parameters you customize to match your customer's requirements.

Optimize your Inventory based on your requirements: Don’t pay extra for storage cost, utilities, insurance and more to protect inventory on the off chance that it might sell In the future. When you add up all these costs, dead inventory costs a shocking 30% more than the inventory’s value. MODGo allows you to manage your inventory in real time so that you can optimize inventory based on your customer needs.

Check out this video from Bahl about MODGo here.

IoT SAFE, Massive IoT and AWS

A new segment of IoT is developing called Massive IoT. Low power wide area (LPWA) connectivity can spur the ability to deploy billions of IoT devices at a feasible cost. One of the challenges in this segment, however, is able to provision these large fleets of devices in a secure way.

KORE has launched its OmniSIM SAFE, which leverages the GSMA standard IoT SAFE for device-level security. Through zero-touch provisioning and a secure integration with Amazon Web Services, KORE offers an ecosystem that makes widescale IoT deployment more simple and secure.

Check out the quickfire interview with KORE, AWS, and MultiTech from MWC Barcelona here. 

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