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Global Cellular Connectivity for EV Chargers

Leading providers of CSMS and EVSE rely on Super SIM for reliable cellular connectivity. No more trial-and-error testing of carrier SIMs or managing multiple carrier relationships.

EV-Car Charging

Get reliable cellular coverage for your chargers – with Super SIM

  • Maximum global uptime with a single IoT SIM
  • Instant access to 400+ cellular networks in 185 countries
  • Automatic network failover, zero intervention needed
  • Manage SIMs with robust APIs and single-view web console
  • Get realtime visibility into network status
  • Pay only for what you use, with a single monthly bill across all carriers

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Instead of going back and forth to figure out which carriers we need and shipping them SIM cards, we just send the Super SIM. It just works.

LI ZHANG | Chief Technology Officer, AmpUp

Our first batch of charging stations went out with a different provider. Their pricing was fantastic and they had a package that seemed exciting. We regretted it almost instantly. It gave us a lot of trouble. Lots of sleepless nights for my team.

Rupul Safaya | CTO and Co-Founder, eDRV

We thought the Super SIM product was perfect for us. It gave us confidence. It just works!

Bhaskar Deol | CEO and Founder, eDRV

Super SIM has simplified our operational flow. It’s made deployments easier, and given us more visibility into troubleshooting connectivity issues.

LI ZHANG | Chief Technology Officer, AmpUp


Build smart charging and revenue growing features

Remote monitoring: Remotely monitor the state of the chargers, ensure chargers are dispensing electricity as designed, identify abnormal trends in sensor readings, and detect tampering 

Meet regulations: Support charger communications protocol standards such as OCPP and smart grid standards such as OpenADR 

Firmware updates: Push software updates over-the-air with confidence, debug issues, and rely on KORE to provide connectivity and keep your devices secure for life

Payments: Connect chargers to user accounts and transact payment processing via credit card 

Availability and pricing status: Let drivers view real-time charger availability and pricing information through your mobile app

Content delivery: Deliver promotions and advertising directly to screens embedded in your charging stations


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Contact Us

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