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Overcome Permanent Roaming Issues with Resilient Connectivity

Leverage industry expertise and award-wining, robust eSIM/Multi-IMSI services and wave goodbye to permanent roaming worries.

Simplify the Complexities of Permanent Roaming

When deploying an IoT solution, roaming SIMs seem a very attractive proposition, but a carrier and even a country can suddenly withdraw support for permanent roaming. In those cases, where do you stand? The answer is simple – a very tough spot, you’ve lost connectivity for your devices. Our experts are on hand to help navigate you through the plethora of technology options to ensure you get future-proofed LTE connectivity that’s ready for what’s next.

Coverage Don’t get caught in the ever-constant risk of restricted roaming – ensure global, resilient coverage as your deployment scales and expands.
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Regulatory Compliance Strict government-mandated restrictions that do not allow permanent roaming are challenging, take advantage of eSIM to use a local network.
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Operational efficiency Ensure your device’s uptime and cost efficiency with local networks to avoid high roaming costs when traveling in some regions.
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Mitigate Permanent Roaming Restrictions

Eliminate SIM Switching Costs and Roaming Limitations

Remote provisioning to local or different carrier profiles or network technologies enables organizations to remove the roaming SIM restrictions and eliminate the need to purchase new SIM cards and physically replace legacy SIMs.

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Future-Proof Connected Devices

Control the Costs of Device Deployment

IoT devices that are deployed over a long period of time are protected from the impact of evolving network technologies, sunsets, or service terminations, by eliminating technical or carrier lock-ins with a single eSIM.

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Streamline Logistics’ Management

Simplify Global Organizations Struggling with Multiple SKUs

With eSIM, there is no need to physically replace legacy SIMs, so organizations eliminate the process of managing costly and time-consuming truck rolls to dispersed geographic locations.


Detect and identify device eSIM functionality issues before deploying to the field and avoid jeopardizing the success of a project.

Self-service device validation enables users to validate devices in just under 15 minutes, instead of having to ship it and wait a few weeks. Now, it’s simple and quick to validate your device with any KORE eSIM – including the free starter kit.

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Make Permanent Roaming Restrictions a Thing of the Past
With KORE, you can take advantage of the multi-carrier and multi-profile capabilities that our eSIM offerings deliver – to alleviate challenges associated with carrier roaming restrictions, managing multiple carrier relationships, 2G/3G network shutdowns, and logistical and supply chain inefficiencies.

Reliable Connectivity Across the Globe

With global, future-proofed connectivity ready right out of the box, KORE eSIM and Multi-IMSI solutions provide customized, carrier-agnostic Connectivity-as-a-Service offerings. When you need resilient, agile connectivity, KORE has you covered.


An Expert Partner for Hardware Needs

When your IoT needs go beyond connectivity, turn to KORE. With a wealth of partnerships and industry leading hardware providers, KORE makes it easy to source and manage your IoT solutions with our strategic, customizable approach.

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Expert Help to Speed Time to Market

KORE offers a full suite of services that are built around decades of expertise and designed to make planning, deployment, and management of your IoT infrastructure simple and seamless.

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