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State-of-the-Art IoT Platform

KORE One was designed based on three guiding principles that add value for our customers today and in the future: open, modular, and scalable.

Leveraging an API-based, open framework, KORE One utilizes fully documented external APIs to support agnostic application enablement and rapid delivery of new, fully connected applications and services. This empowers organizations and developers with unrivalled levels of flexibility, with no need to ever modify source code.

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The KORE One IoT platform is modular by design, and delivers a micro-services architecture to give our customers the ability to add new solutions and services by simply plugging in a new module. With this level of modularity, organizations benefit two-fold; they can accelerate time-to-market for new product and service offerings, and also rest assured that the platform on which their solutions are built will evolve as newer, better technologies become available.

Truly scalable, KORE One offer auto-elastics capabilities which means it can easily adapt and scale based on the future demands and requirements of IoT devices, data transmission frequencies, and security concerns. With KORE One, organizations are equipped with a future-proofed foundation to grow, manage, and meet increased demand for their IoT solutions.

As the first innovative tools and services built on the KORE One IoT platform, KORE is excited to be offering our customers two new value-added solutions: ConnectivityPro and SecurityPro.




Industry-leading connectivity management platform providing a simplified, streamlined experience for users to manage network connectivity from more than 24 cellular and satellite carriers via a single user interface.

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Next-gen diagnostic and troubleshooting tool that empowers organizations to monitor and secure network traffic of their connections on a device level to detect anomalies, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

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